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Tamar Navama was invited to design & create jewelry for Naadam Cashmere during New York Fashion Week 2015.

NAADAM is a socially conscious cashmere garment brand based in NYC and partnering with herders in Mongolia. “It is about creating a high-quality product for the men and women who travel, who are passionate, who are creative and can appreciate the value here,” said cofounder Matt Scanlan. 

Navama’s jewelry were costumed to Naadam’s collection working with the COO and leader designer Hadas Saar. 
“Silver, cord-like bracelets and necklaces of bright orange, blue and yellow subtly accessorized the looks with just the right amount of striking hardness and pops of bold colors to complement the soft designs.” Tiffanie Hwang. Washington Square News. February 14, 2015

Photographs Hannah Thomson

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